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At one time or another, every kid has picked up a ball and let it fly. But has anyone actually pulled them aside and demonstrated the proper way to throw? It’s amazing how many kids don’t really know how to throw a ball and that’s where we can develop a starting point. If you develop the proper mechanics at a young age, they’ll learn to love the game more and more.


Players grouped by age and / or ability. Build a sound foundation by learning the proper mechanics of throwing a baseball.

  • Proper Grip
  • Stance
  • Footwork
  • Throwing Motion (Arm Action)


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"The instructors at the Tri-State Elite have played a vital part in the amazing success of our little league. Their creative techniques and thorough leadership are helping my boys to have continued success at the high school level. They have helped mold my boys into fine young baseball players, and more importantly; fine young men."
- Ron LaBenski

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