Milt Thompson's Top Ten Tips




"The staff at The Tri-State Elite Academy use professional training techniques to make your child a better baseball player."

-Milt Thompson 

 Professional Coach, KC Royals



1. Have Fun - It's just a game
2. See the ball - Hit the ball
3. See the ball - Catch the ball
4. Relax - Step, and Throw
5. You Hit with your hands - Not your body
6. Trust your hands - Let the ball get to the front of the plate
7. Let the game come to you - Don't force it
8. Practice the way you play - Game speed
9. Trust your natural ability
10. Your goal is to have more hits than games played



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"To teach young players how to enjoy baseball & softball by giving them a high level of instruction in a manner that is fun and enjoyable."
"The staff at the Tri-State Elite Academy have developed a great combination of high level baseball instruction and a cutting-edge teaching philosophy. My son's baseball awareness and skill development have been increased dramatically."
- David Biddle, Philadelphia PA

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